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For a future with more energy

BP Bunge Bioenergy is one of the leading companies in the ethanol, biopower and sugar market in Brazil.

Committed to safety and sustainability, the company has more than nine thousand people engaged to making BP Bunge Bioenergia a reference in the market, able to meet the growing demand for biofuels and bioelectricity.

Effective crushing capacity: 32 million tons of sugarcane per year
Ícone de antenas com nuvens Ícone de antenas com nuvens
1.300 GWh exported to the Brazilian grid
Ícone de galhos
1,4 million
tons of
about 9.000 people
Ícone de trabalhadores
1,8 billion liters of ethanol
Ícone de carro e posto de gasolina ecológico

Announced in July 2019, the joint venture formed by BP and Bunge, with an equal shareholding of 50% in the company, unites the experience, knowledge, people and assets of the two companies for an ever safer and more efficient operation, with the adoption of the best agricultural, industrial and commercial practices.

The 11 units have flexibility to produce an ethanol and sugar mix and are strategically located in the Southeast, North and Midwest regions of Brazil.

Crushing capacity
(million metric tonnes) per year
  • Pedro Afonso2.5
  • Tropical5.2
  • Itumbiara2.5
  • Itapagipe2.0
  • Ituiutaba2.5
  • Santa Juliana4.0
  • Frutal2.5
  • Ouroeste2.2
  • Guariroba2.2
  • Moema5.3
  • Monteverde1.3
Mapa com locais apontados na lista de capacidades


We generate sustainable energy that keeps the world in motion.


To be a world reference for sustainable energy.


BP Bunge Bioenergia works to maintain a healthy and sustainable work environment. Learn more.

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